Nemzetközi amatőrszínházi fesztiválok


13 January – 3 March,   International Intensive Course for Directors,   &  International Lab for Dancers, Choreographers, Physical Theatre and Contemporary Circus Performers

 20 – 24 January, Cuttack, India: International Festival of Theatre and Dance for children and youth   see IATA website


National Youth Theatre Festival, with a few international groups


International Theatre Festival  FACES  WITHOUT  MASKS.  Alternative, innovative and experimental theatre, created by young authors from around the world.


11 – 13 April, Friedrichshafen, Germany: 30th Theatertage am See International Amateur Theatre Festival.  School & Youth Theatre (maximum age 20 yrs.), seniors, players of every age are welcome with interesting performances.


25 – 27 April, Barjac, France: Les Theatropes, Rencontres de theatre amateur d’ici et d’ailleurs


4 – 11 May, Denizli, Turkey: 30th International Amateur Theatre Festival


8 – 12 May,  Plunge,  Lithuania: 9th International Children & Youth Theatre Festival – Laboratory  “Little Melpomene”,

5 national and 5 foreign groups, ages 14 – 20 years


13 – 17 May, Oujda, Morocco: International Amateur Theatre Festival.  Visual performances of maximum 60 minutes,

max. 8 persons per group


14 – 18 May, Liverpool (Nova Scotia), Canada: Liverpool International Theatre Festival


28 May – 1 June,  Abtenau,  Austria: 7th International Festival  ABTENAU  IST  BUEHNE, organised by Theater Abtenau and Salzburg Amateur Theatre Association. Theme:  Colourful world of divers cultures. Performances, lectures, readings, music, dance, exhibitions.


28 May – 1 June, St.Leger, France:  International Festival organised by Group Continents Comedians    see IATA website


6, 7 & 8 June, Budapest, Hungary:  Magyar Muvek Szemleje = Review of Hungarian Plays      drama and movement theatre

performances of plays in Hungarian language or using Hungarian texts as the basis of their shows


International Theatrical Festival VALISE  2014; duration of performance max. 80 minutes, cast max. 6 persons, awards. Scenography must fit in a single valise!  Repertoire, innovation, experiment


16 – 21 June, Venice, Florida, USA:  AACT Festival in Paradise, International Amateur Theatre Festival,

ca. 10 groups with performances in native languages, workshops, panel discussion



18 – 22 June, Leopoldschlag, Austria: FOCUS 2014  THEATRE  WITHOUT  BORDERS, organised by Austrian Centre for Amateur Theatre focus on the concept of ‘overcoming borders’


26 – 29 June, Kazincbarcika, Hungary:  International Amateur Theatre Festival, drama and dance theatre, indor & outdoor performances


1 – 6 July, Porvoo, Finland: VIIIth  NEATA  Festival participaton by the NEATA member counties and one group of CIFTA and CEC each; workshop for youth and discussions


4 - 7 July, Sardent, France: Festival ESCAPADE, childrens Festival       see IATA website



4 – 16 July, Sozopol, Bulgaria: 9th International Festival – Contest  MUZITE 2014   youth festival of all kinds of arts. With awards.


International Children’s Theatre Festival, ages 9 – 15,  group size max. 15 persons + 1 director and 1 welfare leader


25 July – 1 August, Lingen, Germany: 13th World Children’s Theatre Festival, ages 8 – 14, motto ‘colour your world’

see IATA website


25, 26 & 27 July, Latvia: National Amateur Theatre Festival    more info later


25 July – 3 August, Tournon sur Rhone et Tain l’Hermitage, France: Festival SHAKESPEARE 2014,  theatre, dance, music; indoor & outdoor performances  ages 16 – 30 years


14 – 17 August, Leopoldschlag, Austria: CEC  Festival & General Assembly of CEC      see CEC website


International Meeting of Mediterranean Amateur Theatre


World Congress & Festival  of AITA/IATA  will be held in Belgium (Flanders)  3 – 12 July



AITA/IATA  World Childrens’ Theater Festival will be held in Stratford, Ontario, Canada


Joke Elbers,  Netherlands update  13– 12 - 2013